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Honey Madeleines

Originally from France, these Soft Buttery Cakes are Mild sweet with a hint of Honey.  Mild Sweet & Less Salty.

Made with 

FLour, Butter, Sugar, Egg, Honey, Vanilla, Baking Powder, Salt.

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Tarts And Pies

Peach Tart

Flaky Butter Short Crust Pastry Filled With Almond Cream and Top with Sliced Peaches.  Topped with Almond Flakes. Best Served Cold. 

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Apple Tarte Tartin

Flaky Butter Short Crust Pastry Topped with Sweet  Caramelized Apples. Sinful delight!

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Pear Tart

Flaky Butter Short Crust Pastry Filled With Almond Cream and Top with Sliced Pear.  Topped with Almond Flakes & Raisin. Served Cold or Hot. 

Nutella Cream Tart

Flaky Butter Short Crust Pastry Filled With Almond Cream and Nutella.  Topped with Almond Flakes. Best Served Cold. 

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Chicken Mushroom Pie

'English Style' Chicken Mushroom Pies. Home cooked chicken mushroom coupled with butter crust.

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Apple Pie

Tradition Apple Pie Recipe. Flaky Pastry Filled with Home Cooked Apples.

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Egg Tarts

Hong Kong Style Egg Tart . Bite size flaky crust filled to the brim with mild sweet egg custard.

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Portuguese Egg Tarts

Sweet Flaky Portuguese  Egg Tart. The tart are made with puff pastry and the fillings are added with Cinnamon.

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Oriental Pineapple Tarts

Home Cooke Pineapple Puree Place on Top of Flaky Butter Tarts. Sweet Savoury and Sourish. Lunar New Year must have pastry.

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Curry Puffs

Asian Favourite Snacks. Home cook chicken potato curry fillings wrap with Puff Pastry. Spicy & Savoury!

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Sherpberd Pie

Traditional English Pie. Top is filled with Cheese. Middle section is Whipped Potato & Bottom Layer is Minced Meat cooked with Tomato Paste & Herbs.

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Baking Videos. Watch How it's Been Made. Food For Your Eyes.
Cakes & Puff

Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate Sponge Cake Filled With Lots Of Chocolate Ganache, Top with Chocolate Glazes . 

Finally Sprinkled with Almond Flakes and Walnut Bits.

Full of Chocolate & Nuts with every bites!

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Cheese Cake Series

Classic Cheese Cake Topped with Strawberry Jam. 

Best Serve Cold. 

 Bake with Water Bath.

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Vanilla Peach

Classic Vanilla Butter Cream Cake that is filled Peach coated with Almond Flake on the side. Creamy and Sinful with Taste of peach in every bite. 

Mango Mousse

Sponge Cake Layered with Mango Mousse. A Cake with Tropical Flavour.

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Black Currant Swiss Roll

Sponge Cake Coated with Black Currant Jam And Roll up.

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Chocolate Bundt Cake

Flourless Chocolate Cake. Chocolate Ganache without using Cream.  Interesting way to bake a cake.

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Banana Cake 

Moist Cake Baked with Fresh Bananas. Chocolate Chips added for extra sweetness.

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Chocolate Eclairs

Classic Eclairs Filled With Custards & Topped with Chocolate Glaze.

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Cream Puff

Puffy Pastry Fulled with Mild Sweet Custard 

Baking Videos. Watch How It's Been Made. Food For Your Eyes.
Asian Desserts
Traditional Red Bean Biscuit

Chinese Puff Pastry Filled with Home Made Red bean Paste. Sprinkle with Sesame Seeds.

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Ondeh Ondeh

Popular Malay Kueh, Made with Glutinous Rice Flour and Gula Melaka as its main ingredients.

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Osmantus Flower Jelly

Traditional Chinese Herbal Jelly Made with chrysanthemum, red date, goji berries and osmantus flower mixed with Agar Agar Powder.

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Pandan Water chestnut

Refreshing Jelly made with Konnyaku Powder, Pandan Leave, Water Chestnut and other ingredients

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Curry Puff 

Popular Asia Snack.

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