Focaccia is a type of Italian Flat Bread that is oven baked at a high temperature. 

If you frequent steak house, normally they will serve focaccia with olive Oil & Vinegar dip as an appetizer.

 Top reason to make this

1. It does not contains any Milk, Egg or Butter.

2. You do not need any gadget to mix it ! None do you need to knead it !

3. It is very versatile, you can add many types of toppings on top of it . Some ppl makes pizzas with it. 

4. The bread are baked over high temperature, the crust are crispy but the inner are soft and spongy!

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Herbs, Olive Oil & Salt
Ham, Cheese & Mayonnaise
Hawaiian Pizza Style
Step 1.
Step 3. Scrap side 
Step 3. Softly Cover
Step 6.2 Stretch Dough Over Pan
Step 6.4. Add toppings
Step 7. After Baking
 1. Add all ingredients, in this order , [Flour, Yeast, Sugar & Salt]  to water.

2. Mix well with scrapper. Very sticky texture.  Once mix well. Cling wrap and let it relax the bowl for 30 mins.

3. 30 mins later. Dip finger in olive oil. Use scrapper to scrap the side of the dough, pull it up and fold it in the middle gently.

    Repeat for 3 other sides. Scrap the dough and turn it over. Cling wrap for 20 mins.

4. After 20 mins. Repeat step 3. Fold the 4 corners than turn over. Cling wrap for 20 mins. 

5. By this time the dough should be stretchy, meaning gluten have developed. If it is not, let it rest for more time. 

6. Plain Toppings [1] Herbs, Olive Oil & Salt

   6.1 Brush 21x21cm square baking tray with olive oil. 

   6.2 Stretch the dough to cover the tray equally. 

    6.3  Dig your finger in olive oil and dig on the dough to make small dimples.

      6.4 Drizzle dough with olive oil , Herbs & Salt equally depending on your taste.

       6.5 Proof for 30 mins.

7 Bake in pre-heat oven at 230°c for 10-12 mins


Water 160g 

Bread Flour 200g

Yeast 1g

Sugar 2.5g

Salt 2g

Olive Oil - 1-2 tsp [Used for kneading]

Plain Toppings [1]

Herbs [Parsley, Oregano]


Olive Oil 

Sesame Seeds